Hotels Tonight May Be Cheaper Than Staying Home

A few months ago, I noticed that several of my friends were traveling around more than ever. When I asked them why they were all of a sudden spending so much money, they just smiled. 

Then I learned their secret sauce, “Hotels Tonight.” While the concept seemed a little unsettling to me at first, I started to think that getting first class hotel rooms, at discount pricing, was something I should consider too.  Why should I pay premium prices when my friends were paying less than a third for the same four walls?


I am always dubious about discount deals, thinking there is a catch somewhere. My friends say this really works. I decided to check it out. I was shocked when I searched what was available in New York and Miami.







I was so surprised to see some of the finest hotels in Miami and New York on the list. I guess even the most expensive hotels in the world decided that they no longer want empty rooms any night of the week. 

I haven’t actually booked a room yet, but friends report that the “Hotels Tonight” app, and cooperating hotels all over the world, are totally legit and honor all commitments.

In fact, some of the deals are so good, it’s cheaper to live in a “Hotels Tonight” guest room than your own home.


One thought on “Hotels Tonight May Be Cheaper Than Staying Home

  1. How crazy is it that I have this downloaded and have never used it. Thanks for brining it to my attention. Xoxo, Annette.

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