Not My Grandmother’s Forward 

I can still remember my Grandmother Elsie, reading The Forward, a Yiddish/English newspaper published in lower Manhattan. She would sit on a chair, by the window, whispering the Yiddish words she was reading to herself. 

Sixty-two years later, I find myself reading The Forward in English on my iPhone. In my estimation, The Forward has become a hip, pop-cultured, digital newspaper that offers a Jewish angle on every day events. 

You can’t find these kind of stories, one after another, in most newspapers and magazines. The fun part is that The Forward is now delivered in an electronic newsletter to my email feed everyday. 

That’s the way I receive most of my favorite publications–Vanity Fair, Vogue,  Variety, New York Times, New Yorker,  Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Huffington Post, etc.  All I do is visit their websites, look for the email newsletter subscription box, fill in my email, and then sit back and wait for the news and features to come to me.

This is a much better and more timely way to get information. Twitter also offers these stories in the form of tweets. Either way, you are getting the news in a constant and easy-to-digest format. Sitting down to read an entire newspaper, in one session, is just a thing of the past.

To tell you the truth, I never thought I would be reading The Forward. The current day editors got very smart. They write edgy news and then distribute it in a modern day, delivery package.

A gliklekhe rayze!




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