Remember When? 



Remember when you would come home after work, and the first thing you said to your family or roommate was, “Anyone call me?” 

Or if no one was home, the first thing you did after you entered your home was check the answering machine.

Those days are gone forever. The big news now is that smartphone voicemails may become obsolete over time.

Cell phone users in their teens, 20s and 30s, have already written off using leaving  voicemails. They only want to text. If you call them, they won’t even listen to your message. They may call you back if they see your number on their recent call list. Or they just may choose to ignore you. 

Your best bet is to text. You may not have a choice in the future. There’s a new app that many are talking about that’s called “No More Voicemail.” It actually deactivates your  voicemail on your cell. In the past, you had to contact your carrier in order to get this done. 

Now this app uses the “conditional call forwarding feature” right on your phone to send your unanswered calls to a virtual number that will just ring and ring. Once the caller realizes that you will never pick up, he or she will learn to use text. 

If you want to find out how the “No More Voicemail” works, read Tech Crunch. 

4 thoughts on “Remember When? 

  1. Sorry, but as an “older folk”, even though I text ,sometimes it’s easier to talk and not have to text a long message!!!

  2. I’ve learned how to text, and use it every day. I have voice activation available if I lose patience with using my fingers and getting letters wrong. I’m afraid it’s here to stay, especially if you ever want to communicate with those wonderful younger family members!

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