The Music Box


Photos by Martin Molin

I talk about gadgets all the time. This time I think I came across the king of all gadgets.  

Swedish Musician Martin Molin has built  a massive handmade music box. The wooden device uses 2,000 marbles to create a complex piece of analog dance music.

You must watch the video to understand the genius of what Modin created. It features a kick drum, snare, vibraphone, and electric bass. It’s all powered by a hand crank. 

Molin officially unveiled his “Marble Machine” on Feb. 29 on a YouTube video. All the tech and music publications are writing about it.

It’s being called, The Rube Goldberg-like instrument. Molin plays bass, percussion and a vibraphone. The rolling marbles makes the music. 

Too bad the Marble Machine can’t go on tour. Maybe, someone will figure out a way. 

2 thoughts on “The Music Box

  1. Fascinatingly piece of artwork and a musical instrument. What a genius work.
    He is to be congratulated on his labor of love.

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