Open Camera Roll 


The world of privacy just got less private. There is a new app called “Shorts” that allows the contents of your camera roll to be shared with others.

Scary? Maybe, but this may become a new popular trend. You get to choose which photos you want to share and who you want to share them with.

When you open Shorts, you get to see the latest camera roll updates from friends and family who gave you permission. The big appeal is that people are going to get closer to each other than ever before. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, you get to see many more photos because you are looking at an album rather than what someone chooses to post. It’s instant access into someone else’s life.

A word to the wise. Be careful what photos you take and keep in your camera roll. Even if you get to pick which photos you want to share, there is now more of a chance to make mistakes. Your life is now an open camera roll.

I searched tech sites for a more in-depth explanation of Shorts. Click here to read the Mashable post.

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