Lane Bryant Risqué?  


Gary Arlen

My friend Gary Arlen sent me an email yesterday morning. He is President of Arlen Communications Inc., a Bethesda, Maryland, research and consulting firm known for its insights into the converging and sometimes conflicting worlds of media, telecommunications and interactive program content.

“Lois.. although this Lane Bryant’s TV commercial doesn’t deal with aging/seniors, it is the kind of thing you would rant about in your blog.”

Do I rant? Let’s assume I do. I decided to watch the Lane Bryant video. NBC and ABC banned it because they said it was too risqué.
Called “This Body,” the TV commercial features women talking about the parts of their body that makes them proud.

Now it’s your turn.

What do you think? 

Lane Bryant posted the ad to its Facebook page and has already generated 2.5 million views. 

I’m so proud of Lane Bryant because of its  creativity and commitment to women of all sizes and ages.

Thank you ! 

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