The Day Our Privacy Died 

When my cousin Jeff came to visit last week, he kept checking his cell. He had recently installed several Arlo home security cameras in his Los Angeles home. I kept hearing him laughing out loud as he viewed his father-in-law picking up his mail at home, a cat running through the yard, and a bird landing on one of his balconies. 

That doesn’t seem very funny to us but if it’s your own premises, it must be humorous. I decided I had to have an Arlo system, in our Miami condo, so I could laugh too, when I was away.

What I didn’t realize was that the cameras shoot motion all the time. Late night snack attacks, naked runs to the washer and dryer, and PJ sleep walks all get recorded. We finally learned to turn the cameras toward the walls when we are home.

A late night visit from my cousin Beth


Watching the view from my iPhone


Making a fast exit


Watching the sunrise on my iPhone from the other side of our apartment.


I’m on the phone and Eliot arrives home .

Leaving for an assignment


3 thoughts on “The Day Our Privacy Died 

  1. You need Canary which switches to “privacy mode” whenever it detects that you and/or Eliot are home. When you leave, it automatically goes back to “armed mode.” It detects you via your cell phone signal.

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