It’s A Lyve


I’m willing to bet that most of you have never heard of Lyve before. I am also willing to bet that once you learn about it, you will want one.

I never heard of Lyve until my friends, Williams and Steve, gave it to me as a present. They knew that I would love it. This product is such a natural. I can’t imagine why someone didn’t invent it before. 

Thanks guys.

Lyve is a 5 x 3 inch digital storage box with a touch LCD screen viewer. The unit automatically backups all of your photos and videos from your computer, tablet, smartphones and drives. Now you can store  and view everything in one scrolling slideshow.  

I finally have a single library with every photo and video that I have ever taken over the last eight years. I have over 10,000 shots stored. Lyve can handle a few hundred thousand photos and videos. It’s storage capacity is 2TB. 

What’s more, Lyve has a companion app that displays everything too so now I can carry all of my photos and videos around without using one bit of storage capacity on my phone. Just imagine having the ability too view everything all at once. The app also features controls that are needed for other options.

Right now, Lyve is on my night table. I am watching rotating photos and videos that I haven’t seen years. This is so awesome. If it wasn’t for Lyve, I probably would have never seen these precious moments again.

Click on the video below to see my demo. 

Click in the video below to see Lyve’s demo.

Lyve is compatible with all Apple and Android devices, Windows PCs, and Kindle Fire HDX.   

Once I have some free time, I plan to tag my photos so I can group, sort, search them with ease. With Lyve’s photo editing features i can also crop, enhance, filter, frame, remove red-eye, and add stickers.

There is a lot to learn about Lyve. I’m going to be very busy. If you did know about Lyve, let me know. I’m curious about its popularity.


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