Table Side Payments 

Image: TableSafe

If you have ever traveled in Europe, you may have seen one of these gizmos when you paid  your bill at a restaurant. The waiter/waitress showed up with a little box that scanned your credit card at your table. All the financials were done right in front of you.

TableSafe, a Washington State company, has just raised $25 million in order to give Americans the same tableside service. Called Rail, the new payment system will allow Americans to swipe their credit card right on-the-spot. The company is also introducing a  chip card unit that will allow patrons to use Apple Pay.

TableSafe is good news for many folks who have had their identities stolen. Strangers will no longer have the opportunity to walk off with your credit in restaurants. You are now in total control. 

Watch the video for other advantages from TableSafe like restaurant discounts, membership benefits, recipes, holiday discuss, menu changes, etc.

Let me know if you start to see Rail soon. 



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