Hazel, A Musical Maid In America   

A thunderous round of applause for Hazel. It debuted last night at the Drury Lane Theatre, Oakbrook Terrace, IL  Eliot and I are thrilled to be involved in the show and believe that one day we will see it on Broadway.  

   Just before the show started we received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from our daughter Whitney and boyfriend Fredrick. It was so kind and thoughtful. We love you guys.



The geniuses behind Hazel, Chuck Steffan, Lyrics and Ron Abel, Music. We are so proud of them.

Ron and Chuck with the star of the show, Klea Blackhurst, and close friend and actress Michele Lee.   

Ron and Chuck with their friend Sonny.


Norma Dorman, Michele Lee, me and  Ruth Greenberg. 

Team Hazel.  

Howard Stark, Howard Greenberg and Rene Rodrigues.      

The Greenbergs. 

Norma and Michele.

Norma and Michael  Dorman  

The entire cast.


Yes, that’s Joshua Bergassey, the director.      

Peter Key, son of Ted Key, original creator of the Hazel comic strip.  

Eliot with Klea.  

Rick Kruger 

4 thoughts on “Hazel, A Musical Maid In America   

    • I”m so thrilled the premier went so well. WOW. Sorry I missed the opening night but I’m sure I’ll see it on Broadway. Congratulations to you and the entire production cast . Bonnie

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