Vanity Fair 

I’m in a very creative mood. I love stories that energize me. I wanted to share some of the ones that recently spurred me on to think about new projects.

Two photos featured in Vanity Fair.              

 Pablo Picasso’s Bust of a Woman, 1931. Opposite, the artist in Cannes, September 11, 1956.

Left, by François Halard/The Condé Nast Archive/© 2016 Estate of Pablo Picasso/ARtists rights Society (A.R.S.), New York; Right, by Arnold Newman/Getty Images.

This one from Vanity Fair talks about the family fight for the thousands of paintings and sculptures that Picasso left behind. Understanding the depth of Picasso’s work makes me realize just how prolific he was and much time he devoted to his art. 
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Sheila Elias

This is a short video about my artist friend Sheila Elias. I’ve written about her before because she is a fabulous inspiration to those of us who want to keep creating as we age.  

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Happy 90th birthday Hef 

Written by a business friend Ed Hulse


A Drone And Desserts     


This was the scene tonight at Books and Books in Coral Gables, Florida. We were sitting in the courtyard of this famous Miami bookstore, nibbling on desserts, when all of a sudden, we see a very bright red light above us. Everyone looks up and gasps. The drone was coming right at us. Luckily its pilot was standing nearby, so he sent the unmanned vehicle in another direction. Whew, it was scary, but fun to watch the drone in the pitch black sky.

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