Art + Music = Passion 

As a publicist, I always wanted to promote art with music. I could never understand why they weren’t always marketed together. People who love music, love art, and vice versa.

A client, Astell&Kern, gave me the opportunity to do just that. I needed to find a very special place to show off the new Astell&Kern AKT1 All In One Hi-Res Sound System. The unit contains everything a person needs to listen to high resolution audio in a single, sleek modern unit that saves space.. 

The AKT1 includes speakers, amplifier, and high resolution audio decoding in one unit so you can have audiophile quality high resolution audio playback without the need for multiple components and large speaker.


Astell&Kern AKT1 in the corner of Williams McCall Gallery


Setting up the Astell&Kern AKT1


I got lucky. The Williams McCall Gallery, of Miami Beach, agreed to help debut the Astell&Kern Hi-Res Music For The Home, during their next art exhibition on April 16th, 2016, from 6 to 9pm. It’s called, Expanse 3.0, An Exploration Of The Uncharted Urban.

The exhibit includes the following participating artists – Emil Bodourov, Debbie Carfagno, Rolande Ciciurel, Alfredo Garcia, Clare Kowalewski, Roxanne Layton, Maitejosune, Nicole Martin, David McCauley, Amy Musto, and Beatricia Sagar.

 I am forever grateful to gallery owners, Gail Williams and Dawn McCall. Thank you! Williams McCall Gallery is located at 110 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, FL –

Gail said, “We are delighted to provide the exhibit space for such a great innovation in music. Our gallery has always been known for the introduction of cutting edge works, so we felt the blend of the newest in music technology was a natural. People who love art, love the best in quality music.”

Owen Kwon, President of Astell&Kern, said, “We deeply appreciate the partnership with such a prestigious gallery as Williams McCall Gallery. The excitement of their exhibits express the passion we bring to the music world. This marriage of art and music is all about providing the public with the best of what life has to offer.”



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