Photos That Make Me Think

Eliot and I just finished watching the Robert Mapplethorpe documentary on HBO. I started to think about my own photos or the ones of others that I altered. I probably take more iPhone pictures than the average person. Today I want to share some of the ones I edited with Pop Art and then I want to show some of the ones I was wowed by on Facebook or  Instagram.



Cindy Lundin Mesaros, a former client and a very sexy mama.


Alison Grand, a beautiful PR lady.


Elle Gerstler, a hottie NY real estate agent.


My brother Steve, a handsome educator.


Claire Lardner, a stunning entrepreneur.


Andy Pargh, a debonair drone expert.


My daughter’s pride and joy.


i went to high school with this famous painter.


My amazing girfriend Marsha living it up in Cuba.


The cutest little thing you ever saw.

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