Smart Pillows  

 Images: Ultradia

Smart this, smart that. 

Everything we use today has to be “smart.” Now the smart technology has reached the pillow. I recently saw a demonstration of a smart pillow at eMerge, the Miami tech show.

The Chrona sleep system turns any pillow into a smart pillow. The Chrona technology is placed in a pillowcase so it can measure the movements of your head and torso. The companion app measures how well you slept and can also gently wake you up.

The company’s website explains the process. 

“Chrona uses an accelerometer to measure your movements while you sleep. Its Bluetooth Low Energy module safely transmits data between your Smartpillow and smartphone. Chrona is energy-efficient, so you’ll be able to power Chrona for over a week with a single charge.”

Watch the video for a precise explanation. 

Co-Founders Zimin Hang and Ben Bronsther teamed up with engineering students from Washington University in St. Louis to develop Chrona. Their company name is  Ultradia.
Expect to see more and more companies in this field. Many Americans are obsessed with how and when they sleep. They will do anything for a good night’s sleep. That sounds like big business to me.

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