Lightning In Your Living Room 

Some folks really love thunder and lightning outside their window. They appreciate the booming sounds while reading a good book or watching TV. Stormy weather just makes you so grateful you are inside cozy and dry. It’s creates the most perfect atmosphere for loving your home more than ever. 

That’s why designer Richard Clarkson invented an interactive light and speaker that makes you feel like you have a mini thunderstorm in your living room. 

Watch the video to see just how real the storm cloud light makes you feel. 

The lamp plays sounds and flashes a Philips LED light to simulate a real thunderstorm. The unit features  a Bluetooth speaker so you can sync the thunder flashes to the beat of the music. Scary but fun.

Get ready to part with some bucks if you are interested in buying the lamp. Retails at $3,360.

5 thoughts on “Lightning In Your Living Room 

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