Start Your Own Magazine 

It wasn’t that long ago that we all had printed pictures that we placed in photo albums. I used to spend hours each week looking at my photos.  I had a difficult time keeping the photos intact on the page as well as preventing them from fading, I was thrilled when everything went digital. 

No more printed photos. I now keep all of my photos in my camera roll. The trouble is that I am now storing a few thousand photos and never scroll back to look at any of them. 

That’s why I became intrigued with a new app called  Recently. It’s like going back to the future. Recently issues a monthly magazine featuring 100 of my best recent photos. Of course, I have to give Recently permission to review my camera roll. 

Recently charges $9 a month.  If I want, I can manually select and  remove pictures before they get published. The paper magazine will be sent to me every month. 

Say cheese! 


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