We Are Family 

They say that people who live in Manhattan are not friendly, don’t know their neighbors, and are very transient. Not in my building. 

Many neighbors have been living at 301 East 62nd St.for decades. Many of us have grown older together. We gathered tonight to celebrate the retirement of Esau Mohammad. Our beloved porter has been with us 32 years. We are going to miss him like no other. He was simply the best. 

My most vivid memory of Esau was when the Twin Towers came down. I remember him standing at the front door in the lobby waiting for each of us to return home. He had tears in his eyes as he hugged everyone. What a special moment. I will remember that forever no matter where I am living. 

Tonight was one of many lobby parties. We had such a good time. Not a dry eye in the house. Why can’t the world just get along?

Esau and his wife

Esau’s grandaughter and boyfriend

My Neighbors

More neighbors

Speeches are about to begin

President and VP express their thanks

The crowd wants more accolades for Esau

Eliot talks about the early days of Esau on the job

Marilyn and Ali

More neighbors show up

Loren wishing all good things for Easu.

The woman in red was one of the first residents in the building.

Ali center.

Long time residents

Management agent

Coop Treasurer expresses all of our love to Esau

Long time resident

4 thoughts on “We Are Family 

  1. What a beautiful man, and a wonderful send-off! I hope Esau has a long and healthy retirement. I especially liked your words about Esau waiting for you to come home after the Twin Towers came down. These are the things that bind people together.

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