Vango Vs.Van Gogh

I love art. I usually buy pieces that have a lot of reds and blues in them because they provoke positive energy, at least to me. It was rather odd when I recently bought a self-portrait of a young artist that featured purples and yellows. I just felt it was very exciting. Eliot and I agree on our selections. Thank goodness for that, otherwise our walls would be bare.

I was rather tickled when I heard about the Vango app, a one-stop online shop for amateur artists to showcase their work. I think it’s wonderful because it’s always fun to buy emerging artist’s work. You never know when you are going to hit it big time.

Vango has lots of opportunities for art collectors. You can choose trending, local, or recently posted art. You can zoom in and/or use the  “Preview on Wall” which lets you see the art work on your wall at home. This Vango feature is super fun.

The photos bellow tell the whole story of the app. Start exploring.

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