Frequent Flasher 

My cousin Jeff Young at Wynwood Walls. He emerged himself in the art. Eliot tried it too.

My cousin Jeff has had an obsession with flashlights for years. He has bought all kinds of fancy flashlights at many different price points. He is forever showing off various features and flashing their lights to demonstrate how far they can beam.

We would all laugh because we thought he was being silly. That notion recently changed for me when Jeff and his family visited us in Miami this past March. One night we were walking to a nearby restaurant and had to cross a very dark street. Instead of making a mad dash across the walkway, Jeff simply lit up the entire stretch and we proceeded without any difficulty.

That’s why my eyes opened wide when I read about the Shadowhawk X800, a new Navy Seal Grade tactical flashlight. It’s 100 times brighter than anything thing else. It sells for $200. I just learned that 20,000 units sold this month. Be sure to take advantage of the $75 gift certificate. 

You may think the flashlight on your smartphone is good enough. They simply don’t light up an entire area like a spotlight. The idea is to make your surrounding area visible for all to see.

 The company claims, “With the rise of domestic terrorism, Americans are searching for better ways to protect themselves and their families against crime. 

“The solution? Tactical flashlights. These are becoming popular self-defense tools in the wake of recent terror events. Companies like us, featuring Tactical Flashlights, can’t keep up with demand.” 

This is no flash in the pan.




One thought on “Frequent Flasher 

  1. Originally, when flashlights were first invented, they were a miracle—so much better than carrying a kerosene lantern, a candle, or a flaming torch! (No, I’m not so old that I remember them!) So, we’ve come a long way in technology, but not so much in the development of civilization!

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