UFO’s On The Rise 

Don’t get excited. I’m not talking unidentified flying objects. There’s a whole new UFO in town, Unidentified Floating Objects. These new vessels could be a great alternative for a living environment.

Jet Capsule, an Italian company, created the floating  vessel in order to get ready for the  rising sea levels and high costs in rent. The floating vessel is like living in a studio apartment but on water. 

The UFO measures over 40 feet in diameter. There is a circular ring surrounding the living quarters that can be used as a track, a garden or just a play area.The upstairs features the kitchen and a seating area. A large window downstairs provides gorgeous underwater viewings. The lower level has a small bathroom and bedroom. 

What more do you need? 

Don’t shrug. This could be your home sometime in the future. Approximately $660,000 today. The inventors feel they can possibly get it down to $200,000 in a few years. One small stumbling block. They need investors now.

Read more about UFO’s in Digital Trends.

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