Collar Perfect

There were more times than I care to remember when I couldn’t wear a particular sweater or blouse because the hanger it was stored on left bumps in the shoulder areas or creases in the collar. 

I tried to smooth them out with my fingers but it never worked. I was always too lazy to actually heat up an iron and straighten the garment. I would just pick something else to wear.

Sometimes I would spot others with the same problem. I used to wonder what kind of a person would leave the house wearing a sweater sporting bumps in all the wrong places? Another lazy nut.

I don’t have to worry about this anymore.

Say hello to Collar Perfect, a tiny touch up and travel iron. It’s so small, I can fit it into my purse. 

The Collar Perfect is perfect for fast touch ups. It doesn’t seem like much of an effort to take the The Collar Perfect out of a medicine cabinet or vanity shelf and start ironing away 

Watch the video above to see The Collar  Perfect in action. Click here to see Steve Greenberg demo the $35 unit on the Today Show. 

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