A New Concept In Retailing 

Friends for decades, Frankin Karp and Lois Whitman-Hess

Pirch, SoHo, image : O Group

Orit, CEO, The O Group. We worked together in the 70s and remained friends since.

It was not quite a week ago that I received a call from Franklin Karp, COO of AVS Audio Video, and Orit, CEO of The O Group, a branding and creative agency. 

I know them both since the 1970’s. Orit’s award-winning company designs websites and collateral materials for AVS.

They were calling me from a new store in SoHo, NYC, called Pirch. They sounded overjoyed. AVS recently became a strategic partner of Pirch and they wanted me to issue a press release. They said Pirch was introducing a new concept in retailing to NYC and it would soon become a landmark destination.

I took a few notes, Googled Pirch, and wrote the following release.  Make sure you see Pirch in person. It is quite an experience. 

PRESS RELEASE–May 17, 2016 

AVS Teams Up With Pirch To Support Innovative Retailing In Digital Times 

New York, NY — In one of the most progressive moves in the history of retailing, AVS Audio Video has joined forces with Pirch, a revolutionary provider of kitchen, bath and outdoor appliances. AVS will be offering custom networking solutions, as well as high end audio/video equipment, to Pirch customers in the new 37,000 sq. ft. store at 200 Lafayette Street in SoHo, NYC.

 Franklin Karp, Chief Operating Officer of Audio Video Systems, said, “Pirch has been making headlines in the last few days in print, broadcast and on the Internet because its retail concept is nothing NYC has ever seen before. Potential customers will be invited to test the pricey showers, soak in super expensive tubs and cook in lavish, custom-made kitchens. Major personalities, as well as customers who want the ultimate in luxury, have been signing up to experience the possible $100,000 makeovers.

 “AVS is the perfect ‘strategic partner’ in this revolutionary retail concept because we specialize in the integration of all custom systems and control technologies throughout the home. Complementing the Pirch retail concept, AVS will provide the customer with hands-on experience that will include intuitive and seamless controls at the press of a button.”

 AVS will be featuring Sonance speakers, Lutron lighting and shades, Savant control systems, Leon media decor, and Seura outdoor television viewing.

 Pirch, headquartered in San Diego, currently has nine locations throughout the U.S. Jeffrey Sears, CEO and Co-Founder, was recently named “Disruptor of the Year” by the National Retail Federation and one of the “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2014” by Goldman Sachs.  

 Audio Video Systems, Plainview, NY, has been a leading audio/video source since 1977. Karp said, “Technology has changed, but our goal has remained the same. Simplify whole house integration and provide the best customer service.”

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