Welcome To Basecamp

Most of you know that I work in a virtual office. That means my business really only exists in cyberspace. A virtual office allows me and my co-workers to work from any location by using laptop computers, cell phones and wifi.

I got really lucky at this time in my career.  It’s wonderful to be able to work from remote locations. Eliot and I can travel all over the world and I don’t miss a beat. The digital world allows me to work from an airplane, boat, train, hotel, ski top,  beach, park, a restaurant, and even the Sahara Dessert or Machu Picchu. 

Today, there are a lot of software tools that allow folks, who work remotely, to share material with others. We didn’t have anything like this in our heyday. The one program I get asked to use a lot is “Basecamp.” It’s a record keeper for many people who work on the same project. It’s pretty amazing. You open the program and see the contributions of others. Everyone is given responsibilities and has to be accountable.

Watch the video to see how people work together even when they live in different parts of the world. It’s definitely gaining more popularity in the workforce. My daughter told me that Basecamp has a lot of competition. She says some of the competitors are even better. That’s the world of the Internet. There is something new everyday.

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