What’s My Hook? 

I need your help. I am working with The Draw Shop of Salt Lake City, Utah .They specialize in creating eye-catching drawings by using whiteboard animation and videos. 

We are working on a number of assignments together. They want to get me into the swing of things by doing a story on me. I’m not sure what the hook should be. I could use your help with story ideas.

I want it to help me get new viewers for DigiDame and perhaps a sponsor. Or I can use it to help me get new business for my PR agency, HWH PR. 

If you have any ideas, please let me know. Please watch the videos. You may even want to use The Draw Shop for some event or special assignment you are working on.

Thank you all.

One thought on “What’s My Hook? 

  1. I think the hook is the way you’re able to conduct business everywhere. Using your cell phone on a camel. On your laptop in front of some monument. At a trade show blogging about something cool you’ve just found.

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