Earpiece That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time


Image: Waverly Labs

I think I imagined a gadget like this decades ago. A start-up called Waverly Labs, has created a device, The Pilot System, that translates English, French, Spanish and Italian in real time. 

I have been reading about Waverly Labs for a few weeks and then someone told me that the company will be raising money on Indiegogo. This is what I found. 

If The Pilot works, it will really be incredible. Supposedly, when someone speaks to you in a different languages, The Pilot ear device will translate what is being said. 

The device, $299, is available in three colors. 
You have to download The Pilot app in order to control languages in the earpiece. Future languages include Slavic, Semitic, Hindi and East Asian. 

The Pilot is targeted for Spring 2017. If you want more information you can contact the Founder and CEO, Andrew Ochoa, press@waverlylabs.com, 646-480-2644.

2 thoughts on “Earpiece That Translates Foreign Languages In Real Time

  1. Steve imagined this as well, but it seems to be a one way device. How would you communicate back to someone in a foreign country, for instance, unless they wore the device as well?

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