Fast And Fun Way To Preserve Old Photos  

Sometimes I think situations, products, and services come about just when I need them. Yes, it’s called serendipitous. I can give you countless examples. Two that just happened to me are: Uber/Lyft and Photomyne. 

In recent years,  I cut back on my driving. I just don’t like to be behind the wheel anymore. I will drive if I have to, but I prefer Uber or Lyft. It just seems strange to me that one day I decide driving is not for me anymore, and then, soon after, I hear about the invention of Uber and Lyft. It was a perfect fit. 

Now I want to condense all of my old photo albums. We have so many of them filled with decades of great memories. The biggest problem is that the photos are now fading and shifting around. We weren’t sure what to do with them.

A few weeks later I learned about Photomyne, a smartphone app that lets you turn your old prints into digital files faster than you can imagine. The big advantage is that you don’t have to snap one picture at a time. The app allows you to scan multiple pictures in a single shot. 

The description from the app says, “The app automatically crops each photo and restores its faded colors using machine-learning technology.” A newer version will have  cloud-only backup to free up storage on the user’s smartphone, faster scanning, and collaborative photo albums.

A recent post about Photomyne in Tech Crunch revealed that since  its launch nine months ago, “The company has grown to over 900,000 users. More than 500,000 are users of the paid Photomyne app, and around 400,000 use the free Photomyne app. To date, these users have scanned over 14 million photos.

The Tel Aviv-based company has raised $2.6 million to make this app one of the most popular. 

I wish life could be so easy, all of the time.

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