Life After The Runway 

Terry, Jack, and Ron

We had so much fun tonight in Key West. Friends of friends turned out to be former male super models for Halston and the Marlboro Man. These were the days of Studio 54, decades before the Internet.

It was wonderful to hear about Liza, Warhol and Rubell. It was even more wonderful to see pictures of these guys in their heyday and to know that they still live exciting lives, even in the laid back, calmness of The Keys. Jack, in the center of the above photo, was a businessman. 

We went through pages and pages of magazines and books to see these Eileen Ford male models with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. It was also magical to hear how wonderful it was to work for Halston and how much he contributed to the world of fashion.  

It was also pretty awesome to stand by a guy in his 60’s (Terry) and realize that you used to see him many moons ago up on a Billboard in Times Square puffing on a cigarette as one of the Marlboro Men. 

It seems like it was yesterday, yet it was a lifetime ago.

1 thought on “Life After The Runway 

  1. Hi Lois
    This “Marlboro Man” should consider himself very fortunate. A couple of years ago the LA Times ran an article noting that at least four actors who portrayed the Marlboro man in print and TV ads had died of smoking related illnesses

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