Lost and Phone 


I lose my iPhone several times a day. I go into a complete panic attack every time. Sometimes I’m holding my iPhone and I think I lost it. It can also be in my pocket or handbag. I just can’t remember the last place I put it.

Life is going to get easier soon. You will be able to use  Google to find your phone. This will be true for all formats. We use Google for so many others things, it only makes sense that Google will be able to search for our lost cell phones. 

If all goes well, Google says it “will be able to make the phone ring, display a message on the screen for whoever finds it, lock the device or delete all its data.”

At the very least, Google will be able to show you a map on the approximate location of your device. I think that is pretty  cool.

Huffington Post explains the new feature in greater depth.

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