Virtual Therapy 

Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only reporting the facts. The world is going virtual. You can’t stop progress. 

According to my therapist friends, more and more of their patients want to conduct sessions via the telephone. They no longer feel the need to see their counselors face-to-face. Some of my friend’s practices are over 50 per cent virtual. 

Why?  Therapists claim their clients feel less inhibited to say what’s really on their mind if they are not looking at them. They also say that patients have a better attendance record if they don’t have to commute. They love it, their patients love it.

The world of apps is taking advantage of this trend too. I decided to cut and paste the “TalkSpace Online Counseling” app so you can see how it works. It’s all very civilized. 


2 thoughts on “Virtual Therapy 

  1. Sounds ideal for people who can’t get through life without having a therapist (have friends who have gone for 30, 40 years) and this would make them even more dependent on one although seems less cost but great income for the therapists. I believe in therapy to help with a problem, just not a lifetime to resolve it.

  2. I have been doing phone sessions therapy for 5 years now.
    This seems like a good idea, as long as the therapists are licensed.

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