So You Think You Can’t Draw

Graham Shaw, the author of “The Art of Business Communication: How to use pictures, charts and graphics to make your message stick,” wants to help people accomplish things they never thought possible.

I recently watched his TED Talk because too many friends my age have regrets about not doing certain things with their lives–ski, write, golf, act. They won’t even try now.

Shaw said, “Many people believe they can’t draw. I think it’s more to do with beliefs rather than talent and ability. So I think when you say you can’t draw, that’s just an illusion. And today I’d like to prove that to you.

“I’m not saying you are all going to draw like Michelangelo, but I bet by the end of the session you could draw pictures.There are only two things you need to do to be able to achieve this. One is have an open mind and two, just be prepared to have a go. So grab a pen and a piece of paper.”

 My attempt. It was a lot of fun. 

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