Calorie Counting Technology  

Photo by : AVA

I may just have found a great way for everyone, or anyone, to lose weight. I bet I have your attention now.

A startup company named AVA that permits you to take a photo of what you want to eat and reports the amount of calories contained in that item or items before you start consuming.”

It sounds crazy but AVA wants you to take a photo of what you are about to eat, text it to them and they will give you health and caloric information immediately.

Ian Brady, AVA’s co-founder and CEO, told Digital Trends. “We want to do away with the dreary manual logging process of rival healthy-eating apps in favor of an altogether more streamlined process.” 

AVA is in beta mode. The technology is a combination of image recognition, human recognition and algorithms.

Founded in 2016, the company raised $3 million from DCM VenturesKhosla Ventures,     and Eric Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors

Read more about it here in Digital Trends.


2 thoughts on “Calorie Counting Technology  

  1. Digital Trends is a couple of years late in reporting on this technology–the basic patents are owned by SRI international (the same people who developed SIRI for Apple) and the ability to photograph food and get caloric content data was reported by numerous media outlets including in April of 2014 (Google it and you will see). One thing all tech reporters should do when seeing info from a start up is to ask where the tech came from.

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