I’m Still Celebrating 

It all started with an email. I needed an unique location for a Waterpik press conference. I didn’t want to go the usual hotel, restaurant, or club route. That is so ordinary. 

I came up with the idea of using a magnificent and expensive coop or condo unit because many members of the media never get to see the inside of some of these homes. A few years ago, I used a gorgeous penthouse in Tudor City. 

This year I couldn’t find an appropriate location, so I sent out a series of emails to friends asking if they had any ideas. Lucky me. Entertainment executives/producers Jillian Crane and Al Kahn offered their townhouse in the sky. Hana Alberts of the New York Post showed up for the press party. Hana took one look at this unique home and decided it had to be featured in her newspaper. Here it is.

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