Introducing The Open Ontology Project

I am about to embark on a PR campaign to introduce the Open Ontology Project. It’s going to be a very important step in education. I may have told a few of you about it before. 

I would like your opinion. I called on The Draw Shop, an animated whiteboard video agency, to explain this concept to the masses. Click on the link, and use the password to see the explanation.  I think I’m about to wow you. 

Go to
And use password: context

I hope you understand what we are trying to accomplish. This is going to change how we transition from The Information Age To The knowledge Age. If you would like to be a part of it, let me know.  

5 thoughts on “Introducing The Open Ontology Project

  1. No place to post. This has been a problem for years and the collation of data is necessary before context can be derived. Steve

  2. Interesting concept but eventually I was more interested in the drawing. Still don’t quite understand what this is more than just crowd-sourced information sharing like Wikipedia.

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