Staying Afloat 


This seems too good to be true.

Kingii is a wristband that helps you to stay afloat. All you have to do is pull the lever and an inflation bag keeps you afloat.

I am so sad that this wasn’t invented long ago. How many lives could have been saved? I would like to try this myself. 

It’s $80 on Amazon. The Kingii can be used over and over just by replacing the CO2 cartridge inside. 

The company warns, “The Kingii Wearable provides additional buoyancy, but cannot replace a life vest.”

Tom Agapiades, Founder and President, said he invented the Kingii Wearable because he had a very good friend who died from drowning. “Even the most experienced swimmer can experience a water emergency, and my friend paid the price for being unprepared. The Kingii is the smallest inflatable in the world but should not replace a life vest.”

I would love to see every child wearing one when swimming or playing near water. Anxious to hear from those that tested this  product. We all really want this to work. 

3 thoughts on “Staying Afloat 

  1. I bought it when it was raising funds last year. I had known people who lost their lives drowning. I think for surfers especially or anyone who goes out in the ocean, it is truly a lifesaver!!

  2. Lois, it looks wonderful. Yes, it is a worry if something goes wrong. I am a non-swimmer, and tried many floatation devices to help me in my efforts to learn to swim, but nothing worked for me. This sounds like a simple solution!

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