Did you ever want to stop the clock?  I find myself thinking about that all the time. Time is just flashing by. 

It’s going so fast that sometimes I can’t remember what I did on a particular day. Everything is getting squashed together.

In order for me to stop living in the busy digital age for just a few hours, we went to visit my parents and grandparents in their final resting places. My brother took Eliot and I to three cemeteries last Thursday so we can stop and reflect with the ones we loved the most in our younger years. 

It was therapeutic. While we don’t necessarily need to be standing at someone’s grave to feel close to that person, it does force us to get a grip on reality. For many of us that means there is more of years past, than there are years of tomorrow. We need to savor every moment from now on, as if we were in slow motion. That’s not easy to do. 

I’m trying to do that by writing down what I did each day, then reviewing the activities each week. I spend time thinking about what took place. It’s scary how fast the calendar gets filled up. 

Thank you Steve for taking us down memory lane. We need to do that more often.

4 thoughts on “Yesterday 

  1. It’s always so heartwarming and reflective when I take the time to visit my family and friends graves even though I think about them very often. You are right Lois, it does take you down memory lane.

  2. Up so early, and thinking about all of the things I have to do today! Your post made me stop and consider why I fill my calendar like this, leaving no time just to stop and savor the day. Thanks, Lois, for “giving me pause”.

  3. Didn’t know your family in Beth David is so close to where my parents and mom’s family are… Mom used to visit her friends and family and leave stones and would talk about her memories…

  4. If we knew you were going, we would have asked you to say hello to Judy’s parents who are buried at Beth David.

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