Sizing Up Fonts 

I just heard about new gadget being developed that will definitely impact the world of design. Called Spector, the instrument will be able to  scan printed text anywhere and identify the name of the font and shade of color. This is going to a dream come true for anyone in the art world that spends hours trying to match type face and size.

The idea for Spector comes from inventor Fiona O’Leary for her final graduation project at the Royal College of Art in London. 

You really should watch the video to see how it works. Spector simply takes a picture of the type face and then compares it to its enormous database of fonts. A Spector compatible plug-in sends the type size to the software program of your choice.

I will let you know when this becomes available. Also read about this in CNET.

2 thoughts on “Sizing Up Fonts 

  1. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” true to this day, as it was long ago. This is something any graphic designer or writer would be happy to have. Looks as if it might be inexpensive too, but I’ll leave the matter of price until you comment on this again. Thanks!

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