DigiDame Now Featured In Leisure World 

I received an email a few weeks ago from Jim Breen, editor of The Golden Rain News in Seal Beach, California. He said he was interested in using DigiDame for the newspaper in Leisure World. The weekly paper is for a senior community of 10,000 people and is operated by ex-newspaper and PR folks.

Leisure World Seal Beach is located on over 542 park-like acres. It offers co-ops and condos for resort style living for those 55 and over. They say they have all of the amenities of small town living while giving close freeway access to all of the entertainment and shops of Los Angeles and Orange County.

I guess DigiDame has gone Hollywood. See second page.

Here we again….much easier this time 

4 thoughts on “DigiDame Now Featured In Leisure World 

  1. You have been lying to me about your age all of these years….so you are an 80 year old!!!! I don’t know anyone that would make themselves 16 years older to get an article published!!!

  2. So happy for you! That will be a great feature, for the paper and for us! I have terrible eyesight, however, and had a hard time reading your column. Do you have any high tech solutions o the small print? Thanks! Looking forward to seeing more of your articles. BTW, glad you circled the cellphone..never in a million years…

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