Dear Lois, 

Nice, South of France 

Image: Azamara Club Cruises

Image: Trip Advisor


I received an email yesterday from my friend Gary Arlen of Bethesda, Maryland. He is a well-known writer and analyst in the tech and media worlds. His biography is below. 

Gary got so emotional because of the interactive map the New York Times published of the route where the Nice massacre took place, he thought I should share it with DigiDame readers, especially if they never traveled to the South of France.  I’m sure many of you viewed this map the other day, but for those of you who didn’t, click here

July 15,2016
Dear Lois, 
The NYTimes’ Interactive graphics/maps are always impressive. I was particularly moved by today’s map (above) of the route of the deadly truck in Nice. I have walked and driven along that seaside promenade MANY times in the past 40+ years…. and it’s usually bright and beautiful as in this panoramic photo. But that deadly yellow line plus other pictures of the scene last night (which you can find elsewhere) create an entirely new memory of it (much different than when I watched a Mardi Gras parade along that route several February’s ago.) 


Gary Arlen

Gary Arlen is President of Arlen Communications Inc., a Bethesda, Maryland, research and consulting firm known for its insights into the converging and sometimes conflicting worlds of media, telecommunications and interactive program content.

Eliot and I were in the South of France last summer. We spent a day in Nice exactly where the tragedy took place. We never imagined that would be the location of such a horrific event. That’s not going to stop us from going back. 


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