These Need A New Home

Some of these art pieces have been in our family for 40 years. We just don’t have enough walls anymore since our NYC co-op is in contract to be sold. 

We really don’t want to place these treasures in storage lockers. They are meant to be seen, so we are trying to find new homes for as many paintings, posters, and drawings as possible.

I already posted these on the Internet to see if anyone was interested. Here are my Facebook entries .We immediately received some solid interest. Now I am presenting the offerings to you too.  I have to say this is a fun assignment. 

The following are motivational and inspirational drawings. They are perfect for any office or start-up company. The artist is Hugh MacLeod, creator of Gapingvoid. He has a huge social media following, so the art work should go fast.

Nevertheless, everything must go! Thank you.


One thought on “These Need A New Home

  1. i love this…this is what being a New Yorker is all about…daily manifestations of art..just watch,look, and listen!!!

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