Find Your Way Into Art

I just watched the above creative art video on Facebook, thanks to Wendy Unger, an executive with the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce. It  reminded me of an art class I once took. We were all required to insert a photo of ourselves in one of the Masters. The photo had to look like we were really there.

We all had to figure out creative ways to make it look real. The whole point of the exercise was to get us to really examine the composition of the paintings. It worked. Many of the students said they learned a whole new appreciation of art. It was fun. 

This is not exactly what I was talking about, but I had these photos handy so I included them. They were taken at my great nephew Ari’s six year old birthday party last week. He wanted a Mount Rushmore theme, so we all got a chance to become part of this famous landmark. 


One thought on “Find Your Way Into Art

  1. This is such a cute idea! When my son was eighteen, many years ago, we took him and his sister to Paris. Our tour took us all to a nightclub (a very acceptable one), and my son was called onstage to have a picture taken. He was asked to stand behind a cardboard caracature with only his face showing through. So that idea has been around awhile!

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