Life Saver

I bet that 2017 becomes the year of life saving devices. I keep hearing about more products that are going to watch over us like a mother hen. I guess that’s a good thing. 

The one I like the best is iBeat. It’s still being developed in San Francisco, but it should be available next year. No retail price yet. It’s a smartwatch that monitors your heart all the time. If something bad happens, like cardiac arrest, emergency responders plus love ones get notified immediately.  Time is of the essence.

iBeat is meant to be worn night and day. It measures your heart twice a second, including pulse oximetry, heart-rate intervals and other variables. It functions without a smartphone.

The iBeat will store all of your health data in case anyone needs to access the information. The person wearing an iBeat will be able to swipe the screen if he or she needs help. I like that feature a lot. You never feel alone. 

More information is available on Tech Crunch.

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