Packing Up, Getting Ready To Go

After 40 years of living at 301 East 62nd St., we decided we needed a different view when we are in New York. We’re opting for hotels in different parts of the city for the next year or two. Call us crazy. We are giving up a 2,000 sq. ft. co-op, three bedrooms, three baths, that costs us less than most studio rentals, for the unknown. All we know is that it’s time to shake it up.

A wall filled with Eliot’s collections

Eliot’s car collection ready to be packed

What’s in the boxes?

If the walls could talk.

It looks bigger now that it’s empty.

Joe Koch, Comic Book Warehouse, Brooklyn, checking out Eliot’s collections.

Standing where no man has gone before.

Famous Joe starting to catalog his buys

It seems like boxes are giving birth to boxes.

Goodbye to living room furniture.


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