Iris Scanning Technology     

The next time you see someone glaring into his or her cell phone it may not be for a selfie. We all will be using our eyes for digital security reasons. Samsung just introduced the Galaxy Note7 smartphone that features the new iris scanning technology. No more touching your phone to verify your identity. Now you simply look at the screen.

Samsung explains that iris scanning is “an automated method of biometric identification that uses mathematical pattern recognition of images of an individual’s iris, either from one or both eyes.

“An authentication device scans the iris—which is the thin, colored ring of the eye that opens and shuts the pupil like a camera shutter, thus regulating the amount of light that reaches the retina.

“Each individual has a uniquely different and highly intricate iris pattern in each eye, which is completely developed at a very young age and remains unchanged throughout one’s lifetime. This, combined with the fact that iris patterns are almost impossible to replicate, makes iris scanning one of the most secure and reliable biometric techniques available.”

Iris scanning technology is in its infancy. For more information, visit Samsung’s website.





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