Say Hello To Amazon’s New Fleet Of Airplanes 

Photo from Associated Press

If you live in an apartment building, you know the problem most doormen and concierge personnel are facing these days. They need larger storage areas. Ever since e-commerce has become the popular way to shop, apartment lobbies are getting inundated with delivery packages. 

You have never seen anything like it. Building staffs can’t log in the packages fast enough before another new shipment comes in. Now that Amazon wants to expand its delivery service by leasing its own fleet of airplanes called Prime Air to speed up shipments, watch out. Packages are going to pile up even faster. The new airplanes are meant to supplement partners such as United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and FedEx Corp.(FDX).

Amazon also revealed that shipping costs have been increasing more quickly than sales. Using their own airplanes could help control costs. The Wall Street Journal said Amazon’s second-quarter shipping expenses rose 44% to $3.36 billion, while sales rose 31%.

What an interesting predicament to be in.

Photo from the Wall Street Journal


One thought on “Say Hello To Amazon’s New Fleet Of Airplanes 

  1. Actually, packages won’t pile up faster. The same item will arrive sooner, but it will still be the same shipment. The pile-up problem will be if residents don’t pick up their packages because they don’t expect them to arrive so quickly, but that too is fungible.

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