Being Pushed Around

There have been many times over the years that I tried to remember what it was like being pushed around in a stroller. I sometimes remember a quick, few seconds. It doesn’t matter if it’s real. It’s my fantasy.

If I lived in Chicago, I could experience the delight of riding in a stroller again. Kolcraft, a baby product manufacturer, provides adults with rides in their Contours Bliss baby strollers.

What a brilliant PR move. Kolcraft realized that adults shopping for strollers can’t ask babies what they like, so they decided to give parents and grandparents the chance to take a ride themselves.

I wish I were there. A wheelchair just doesn’t cut it. Andy Newmark, Kolcraft’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, reported to members of the press that his mature customers love being wheeled around.  

It is something 99.9 per cent of all adults never get to experience. A ride in a stroller can possibly make you feel young again. It will certainly make you feel special.






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