Magnetic Shoe Closures

I gave up on athletic shoes years ago. When I reached 55,  I threw out all of my sneakers. They were too heavy, too sweaty, and too difficult to tie. 

I love wearing my ballerina flats from Aerosoles. I can walk for miles and kick them off whenever I want to. I really never thought I would ever wear sneakers again.

That was true until I heard about the Zubits magnetic shoe closures. They offer a new method of tying and untying sneakers. All I have to do is lace Zubits magnets on my  shoelaces. A simple click closes my sneakers and if I step on my heel, I can open them again.  

It’s that easy, you have to watch the video to see this gadget in action. A whole new world just opened up. Enjoy the convenience.

The Zubits magnetic shoe closures are  $21.99 and available on Amazon.

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