For The Birds 

Ever since we put our NYC co-op up for sale, a flock of birds have been landing on our window sills for a few minutes of rest. In all of the 40 years we have lived here, maybe this has happened once or twice a year. 

Now, it happens several times a day. The birds brush up against the window so it sounds like they are knocking to get in. The trouble is that the windows got so dirty from the rain, that I can’t see them as vividly as I would like. 

Sometimes we get two or three birds at once. Eliot and I just stop what we are doing and watch them until they fly away. Some birds hang out for a while. I started to tape them so I can see a replay when I don’t live here anymore.

The new buyers of our co-op unit were just interviewed by the board of directors, a procedure done before the final purchase. We are getting closer to when we hand over the keys. I’ve taken digital pictures and videos of everything when this apartment was filled with furniture, and then without. It’s nice to know that my memories are in my camera roll.

6 thoughts on “For The Birds 

  1. Pigeons are disease carriers and not anything you want to deal with! If they think safe to land on your window sills, they will return! Best to chase them off! Inhaling dried pigeon poop can be deadly! You can bring it indoors on the bottom of your shoes if you step on it!

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