Happy Birthday Eliot

My friend, Russ Rowland, is a  marvelous photographer. He worked with me at HWH PR for 15 years. He is now one of the most creative digital photographers ever. Just look at his work. Of course, the ones of Russ were taken by another gifted photographer. I wanted to show all. 

I asked Russ to digitally enhance Eliot as “Mr. Broadway.” I wanted to surprise him. Russ really didn’t want to do it, because he only likes to digitally manipulate the photos he shoots. I begged him to try one, and he agreed,  but asked me to make sure I mentioned that he only did the post production.

I thought I would show you how Eliot’s photo turned out,  plus a few more Russ did on other assignments. Really makes you think.

Russ, lost in thoughts.

Eliot, Mr. Broadway.

Eliot, the blank snd white version.

Russ, goofing around.


One thought on “Happy Birthday Eliot

  1. Where’s the ‘love’ button!! Just fabulous and what a nice present for Eliot!
    Have been following Russ’s work for awhile … so talented, creative and inspirational!

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