Check Your Wi-Fi Router 

Image: Life After Caregiving

I am a little bit guilty. I like it when other senior people have tech problems. I don’t want to feel like I’m the only one. I get more tech snafus than most people my age, because I use computers and other gadgets for work. This week I had a frozen laptop, an outgoing email stuck on my iPhone, and earbuds that didn’t charge.

A few weeks ago we were out to dinner with a couple who live in a fancy dancy Sutton Place, NYC, condo. The wife is pretty mellow, but I saw her starting to get upset when she admitted that her laptop at home was giving her trouble. Then, all of a sudden, she threw her hands in the air, indicating she was ready to give-up. Five seconds later she is shrieking that she can’t take it anymore. 

“I can’t stand when I have to wait too long for a website to open,” she said.” “The older I get, the more intolerant I become. I find myself closing the website and moving on to another activity. I want to punish the company I can’t access by not doing business with them. Somehow, I think it’s their fault.”

Eliot explained that it wasn’t her laptop that was giving her trouble, but rather it was her wireless router. She needed an upgrade. Just by coincidence, the New York Post, recently did a pretty interesting story on how “The Wi-Fi router is your mainline to the internet. It may be time for an upgrade.”

The story is worth reading because we all find ourself in this predicament. It says that “you may have to pay up to get the latest technology, but the benefit is worth it. The cheapest AC routers start at about $70, while the high-end models top $300.”

Read about your options here. This story could eliminate tech aggravation in the future.

3 thoughts on “Check Your Wi-Fi Router 

  1. Funny that you should post this because yesterday I received a notice in the mail from Verizon that they are upgrading their routers and there is a charge to do it. If you keep the old one they are charging an extra $2.50 each month to service it.

    • Verizon is charging $60 to do it. I was very surprised because they never charged for a new router in the past.They get away with murder!! I’m going to call them.

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