My Anniversary: 50 Years Working September 9, 2016

Fairchild Publications

I walked into the city room at WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) Fairchild Publications, September 9, 1966, and my whole life changed. It was located at 7 East 12th Street. It was my work home for eight years. I was a copy girl for John Fairchild, James Brady, Rex Reed, June Weir, Chauncey Howell, Billy Norwich, many other fashion and high society luminaries.

Then five months later, HFD (Home Furnishings Daily) Editor-In-Chief, Ed Mc Laughlin, promoted me to a CE/MAJAPS (consumer electronics and major appliance) reporter working for the late Aaron Neretin and the late Manning Greenberg. They became long time personal friends. 

The real reason I was promoted was because I was the only one in the city room who knew how to take the subway from the East Village to Long Island City where Panasonic was then located. 

The mission was to pick up a new type of clock radio that only Panasonic had at the time in less than two hours. It was for John Fairchild. He needed a unique gift for his guest at lunch that day, Jackie O. I left the office at 10am and returned before noon to a room of 40 reporters who gave me a standing ovation. I don’t remember being applauded like that ever again. 

That’s okay. Seeing my byline in HFD a few times a month for eight years was applause enough for me. I would stare at my name, Lois Schneider, in print for hours. It was the ultimate high. I was very lucky to have been in the right place, at the right time.

I still feel that way. Working in the age of digital communications is allowing me to stay in the game much longer than I ever thought possible. I can’t believe 50 years have passed so quickly. There is still so much I want to do.

9 thoughts on “My Anniversary: 50 Years Working September 9, 2016

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, LOIS. Great story. I even remember when we were in our 20’s that you got me an interview at WWD’s fashion division!

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